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Benefits of Ginger

Benefits of Ginger

The benefits of ginger are so many that you ought to know some of them. Ginger is freely available in the market and mostly used for culinary purposes and its medicinal benefits. Besides the fresh root of ginger, also available are powder, tablet, juice, capsulated ginger form etc. It is suggested that each day at least 6 gms of ginger should be consumed and is safe to consume it as it has no side effects at all.

In many different forms, ginger is packed and sold in the market. Since centuries it has been used as a remedy for treating illnesses of different kinds. Many of the benefits were already known and many more have been discovered and continue to be discovered in this modern age by modern science.

A lot of extensive research and studies are being done to understand various benefits of ginger a great spice having a pungent taste. Benefits include:

  • Getting rid of cancer cells
  • Reducing colon inflammation
  • Treating heartburn
  • Combats free radicals in the body
  • Aids digestion and stops acid reflux

Studies indicate that it is highly effective in getting rid of the cells of cancer. Cells affected by cancer can be prevented from becoming resistant when ginger is consumed. A number of tests continue to be conducted to understand the effectiveness of powdered ginger blended along with water in cancer treatment. Cancer of the colon is also prevented with ginger treatment as proven in various studies.

As part of experimentation, research and study, supplements of ginger root or placebo were administered on some volunteers. In these volunteers, testing of inflammation of the colon was done after a twenty eight day period. All those who had taken substantial quantities of ginger had reduced inflammation in the colon thus experiencing the benefits of ginger. When inflammation of the colon takes place then cancer of the colon could occur as indicted by studies.

One of the other benefits is that it is effective in pyrosis or heartburn treatment. Just above the area of the stomach at times a certain kind of discomfort or burning sensation is caused called heartburn. This sensation of burning can also be experienced in the neck and throat region. Inflammation of the wind pipe takes place when juices of the digestive system from the stomach reach upwards to the neck and throat area. Phenols and gingerols that cause the heartburn are fought with by the ginger root active chemicals. Reflux of acids can be easily eased out when ginger root is crushed and boiled in tea or chewed as candy.

Due to its benefits a range of sweets or candies are made from ginger and commonly taken by people when they travel by bus or train to eliminate motion sickness. Ginger is known to contain anti-oxidants and phytochemicals that help in combating the free radicals within the body. The benefits of ginger are so remarkable that you must make it an important part of your regular food intake.