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Cultivation of Ginger

Cultivation of Ginger

Cultivation of ginger has been increasing as it is known to contribute towards healthy living. A lot of studies and research has been conducted on this pungent spice. It is also used as a medication and used for consumption as a delicacy as well. As history indicates, ginger was cultivated in the Asian region and gradually its cultivation spread towards the European and the African lands also. Ginger can be easily used in cooking.

Zingiber Officinale is its name bionomically while commonly it is better known as ginger. Ginger is freely available in the market but many people are not aware about the benefits of ginger. In many of the recipes in India, ginger is commonly used. Nutrients and minerals in very high quantities are present in ginger.

Ginger is well known for it provides. It helps in:

  • Treating the digestive system
  • Treating fever
  • Reducing pain
  • Arthritis, nausea, and migraine
  • Morning sickness and inflammation reduction
  • Motions, circulation of blood and stimulation of blood

Besides this it also helps in improving facial skin, sea sickness, diabetes, etc., and hence fresh ginger and supplements of ginger prove to be extremely beneficial. Cultivation of ginger is known to exist since centuries.

If you consume 100 gms of ginger, then you are consuming 0% cholesterol, fat up to 0.75%, protein up to 1.82%, fibers up to 2% and carbohydrates to the extent of 17.77%. It is excellent in the prevention of creating ulcers in the stomach, diarrhea, blood clots and allergies of different kinds. In mucus secretion and obtaining relief from gas and bloating, ginger proves to be very beneficial.

In curing irritation and itchiness in the throat, cold as well as cough, ginger has been popularly used since ages. In many of the countries like Cameroon, India, Philippines, China, Japan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria and Thailand, cultivation of ginger takes place. Ancestors have been growing this herb for centuries now. Until a few decades ago, the benefits of this natural herb were not proven scientifically.

However in the present time the benefits of ginger have been discovered and in many areas it has been proven as well through various studies and scientific research. It is for this reason cultivation of ginger has increased. With each passing day, many more benefits of ginger are being revealed. In the treatment of colon cancer, aiding digestion, heartburn etc., ginger, is being popularly used. After understanding the numerous benefits of ginger it is very difficult to deny that ginger is a treasure trove of goodness.

Ginger is extremely safe to consume on a regular basis as a culinary item, candies, powder, tablets, capsules and syrups. In taste ginger is pungent, and this flavor is from the shagaol and the gingerol oils present within the root. Ginger is also very useful as a preservative in food. Health of the person improves overall in an effective manner. It is for the multiple benefits this herb provides that its cultivation of ginger has been popularized in many countries.