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History of Ginger


History of ginger plant is quite a long one especially for cultivation for domestic purposes. It is China that it is believed to have come from. Later on it came from other countries like India, China’s southeastern region, western region of Africa and the Caribbean. This spice is popularly used in the cooking of Chinese food and culinary Wok cookware in Chinese southeastern region. Being pungent in taste, it promotes in the circulation of energy and metabolic rate enhancement.

Since centuries ginger is being used for external and internal purposes as medicine and cooking item in Chinese food. In the world of medicine it plays a very important role. Ginger is highly effective and is commonly used as an effective aid for digestive purposes. It is popularly used for treating cramps in the abs, relieving reflux of acid and diarrhea.

History of ginger also indicates that it is great for balancing the ‘chi’ or energy internally and also increases vital power in electric form. It is better known as a wellness product. Circulation of the blood gets stimulated, bowels get cleansed, toxins within the body get removed and skin of the face receives necessary nourishment. Benefits of ginger are varied and many:

  • Culinary purposes
  • Beauty treatment
  • Treating cramps in the abs
  • Diarrhea
  • Eliminating muscle pain or muscle aches
  • De-stressing
  • Healthy skin

As part of beauty treatment at the spas the Ginger Wrap and the Ginger Scrub is used on Balinese or the Javanese therapies in massage. Muscle pain or muscle aches also get eliminated with the use of ginger products. In Indonesia Ginger Wrap and Ginger Clean is used in post natal treatment in women after delivery or giving birth. This treatment ensures that the body does not get bloated and toxins within the body get cleared at the same time.

Ginger Wrap and Ginger Clean are being popularly used at spas, health clubs and health resorts as part of beauty treatment. If you understand the history of ginger you will see that the fragrance of ginger is known to refresh and rejuvenate the body.

Fresh ginger is heated and gently used by masseur to massage the back. Once this is done the body is wrapped gently with sheets after which a steam treatment is given. The body experiences a hydrating, purifying and detoxifying treatment thus leaving it more enhanced than ever. History of ginger indicates that is an excellent skin rejuvenator. The skin experiences a rejuvenating or awakening kind of effect. Due to the steaming a lot of fat within the body also gets used up making you feel lighter.

After the massage therapy a warm bath or shower is recommended that makes the person renewed and lighter as ever. If you are looking towards slimming or detoxification, ginger is one of the best spices to consider. In many of the Asian countries it is boiled along with tea leaves and sugar. This makes a cup of piping hot tea to relish during the colder seasons. History of ginger also indicates that is best to cure cold and cough.